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Headaches are one the most common afflictions in life, with up to 90% of people reporting having suffered from headaches at some point in their lives. Most headaches, other than being painful and bothersome, do not signify anything more serious. However, some type of headaches are signals of more serious conditions and require immediate medical attention.



Tension Type Headaches: Tension headaches are the most common types of headaches experienced. The pain is described as being a mild to moderate constricting, pressing or tight pain on both sides of the head. It is generally not made worse by routine physical activity, such as walking, and there is usually no significant associated nausea or vomiting.

Cluster Headaches: Cluster headaches are the least common type of primary headaches and occur almost exclusively in males. They are usually extremely painful and have a pattern of occurring in "clusters", usually at the same time of the day for several weeks. They are usually described as constant, deep and excruciating, always located on one side of the head. There may be associated symptoms such as a runny or blocked nose, nausea or droopy, red, teary eye.


Secondary headaches are the symptom of an underlying condition and it is thus important for them to be recognized and not dismissed. Conditions which may cause secondary headaches include infections of the brain and meninges (lining of the brain), strokes, tumours, bleeding in the brain from some form of trauma, sleep apnoea, very high blood pressure, acute glaucoma and rhino-sinusitis.

DIAGNOSIS: Your doctor will make an assessment of your headache by conducting a clinical interview, followed by a thorough neurological examination. If there are symptoms or physical signs suggestive of a more serious secondary cause, your doctor may recommend a referral to the Emergency Department or imaging investigations in an outpatient setting.

Emergency Services

We have a prepared and qualified group of crisis specialists or crisis doctors to give clinical help and care to patients requiring prompt consideration. These doctors are knowledgeable in each part of crisis care to do equity to their job and give the best of care on a prompt premise to patients.

Rehabilitation Center

The Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Mahi Mind Center Hospital is furnished with specialists and types of gear to deal with every weakening condition like Joint and Body Pain, Sports and Gym Injuries, Stroke, Parkinson, Alzheimers, Post Surgery Rehab, Pre and Post Delivery, Weight Reduction, Muscle Strengthening, Body Contouring.

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