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Rehabilitation Center

The Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Mahi Mind Center Hospital is furnished with specialists and types of gear to deal with every weakening condition like Joint and Body Pain, Sports and Gym Injuries, Stroke, Parkinson, Alzheimers, Post Surgery Rehab, Pre and Post Delivery, Weight Reduction, Muscle Strengthening, Body Contouring.

Emergency Services

We have a prepared and qualified group of crisis specialists or crisis doctors to give clinical help and care to patients requiring prompt consideration. These doctors are knowledgeable in each part of crisis care to do equity to their job and give the best of care on a prompt premise to patients.

Welcome to Mahi Mind Centre

A centre for mind & stress related disorder & Addiction Problem.

About Mahi Mind Centre

At our centre we provide treatment for various types of headaches of migrain tension type headache cluster and mixed headache

we offer holistic treatment for stress releted disorder like depression, anxiety disorder,penic attack, phobia, O.C.D, sleep disturbance and major psychiatric disorder like ehizophrenia, dementia and bipolar disorder. counselling and behaviour therapy also available. for hysteria,pseudoseizure,childhood development disorder and psyhosexual disorder. and addiction problem.

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Meet Our Specialists

Our Doctors are devoted to giving the best treatment and exhortation to our patients.

"Not just better healthcare, but a better healthcare experience." - Dr. Ravi Rana

Our Services at Mahi Mind Centre

Our services are provided with the “Best Care” possible, with patient comfort and care being our top priority without compromise.

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